TARO (The Best Snack)

TARO (The Best Snack)TARO (The Best Snack) – Taro is a snack from Unilever, and one of the most famous snack in Indonesia. Taro began production in 1984. In June 2003 the brand was bought by Unilever Taro. And in 2011, Taro bought by TPS Food. Taro has 3 production plants in Indonesia, Bogor, Medan, and Sidoarjo. Taro has a few variations of flavor.

Taro be the best and most favorite food in Indonesia
Taro Snack is a common snack food consumed by the people of Indonesia. Taro Snack contains an energy of 523 kilocalories, protein 5.8 g, carbohydrates 61.3 grams, 28.2 grams fat, 0 milligrams of calcium, phosphorus 0 milligrams, and 0 milligrams of iron. In addition, in Taro Snack also contained as much as 0 IU vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin C 0 mg 0 mg. The results obtained from research on 100 grams of Taro Snack, the number of which can be eaten as much as 100%.

Taro Flavor Variations :

Here are the flavors of snack Taro:

TARO (The Best Snack)1
Taro Italian Pizza
Taro Potato Barbeque
Taro Seaweed
Taro Curly fries
Taro Cheesy Blast
Taro Cowboy Stick
Taro Balado

Branding Award :

Packaging Consumer Branding Award (Perunggu) in 2005.

Growth Milk HiLo

Growth Milk HiLoGrowth Milk HiLo – Hilo (or HiLo) is a brand of milk produced by the company Nutrifood Indonesia. Hilo name probably derived from the word High” from High Calcium and Low” from the Low Fat that appear on the packaging paper products HiLo first released in 2004.

HILO brand itself consists of several types of products and generally, all the products released under the brand HiLo high priority to the nature of calcium and low in fat. Several variants HiLo product also supplemented with chondroitin and glucosamine. HiLo products are generally sold in the form of milk powder in packs of 250 g or 500 g

Varian pruduk HiLo

Products HiLo divided into several varieties, namely:

Growth Milk HiLo1

1. Active HiLo, HiLo first form, namely enhanced milk calcium concentration for 19-50 years of age.

HiLo Gold, form Hilo milk with a higher calcium content of HiLo Active, dedicated to the age of 51 years.

Soleha HiLo, Hilo milk destined for Muslim dress women with vitamin D were higher

HiLo Joint +, the only form of non-dairy products Hilo. This product is expressed as a dietary supplement by BPOM and intangible orange flavored drink. This product has a chondroitin and glucosamine supplementation most HiLo compare other products namely: glucosamine of 500 mg / serving and chondroitin is 125 mg / serving.

5.HiLo Teen, Hilo products intended for adolescents with Calcium 600 mg / serving. This product is also enhanced the content of vitamin B1 and B2 her.

HiLo School, HiLo School, Hilo products intended for school children with high calcium with low fat and the most complete nutrition for growth.

Mineral Water Ades

Mineral Water Ades1Mineral Water Ades – The launch of the new ADES of The Coca-Cola Company is showing Ades as bottled water that is Pure, Safe and Reliable, which is guaranteed by The Coca-Cola Company.

Ades 600 ml bottle use fewer plastic material so easily crushed. With the volume of empty bottles smaller after crushed, then it will save space in the trash. And then also produces carbon footprint smaller when waste is taken.
With this new look, Ades has a noble mission to make Indonesia better through simple actions for the environment.

Small steps provide mineral water changes Ades:

Quality mineral water from The Coca-Cola Company
2. Drink
Enjoy the freshness gulp gulp sake

3. Crush
Bottles are crushed using less space

Mineral Water Ades

Ades want to target the young people who have the power to make changes, open to new opportunities, and ready to make it happen in real action. Hopefully, they are also more critical in buying the product to be consumed.

SENIA Premium Cooking Oil

SENIA Premium Cooking OilSENIA Premium Cooking Oil – SANIA PREMIUM cooking oil, processed from palm fruit with a choice of modern technology, to produce premium cooking oil. Contains vitamin E is higher than similar products.

In addition to the high content of vitamin E. SANIA PREMIUM is cooking oil that contains omega 6 and omega 9 high as 2 times the filtering processed to produce unsaturated fatty acids are high. Cooking oil SANIA PREMIUM not use additional synthetic preservatives (chemical), as BHA / BHT or because it is produced from palm fruit bunches really fresh and quality.
Palm cooking oil products processed with 2 times filtering and currently on the market is SANIA. This is supported by the results of research conducted by an independent laboratory which proves that SANIA PREMIUM cooking oil contains unsaturated fatty acids are higher than other cooking oils. With 2 times filtering process then cooking oil is not easy SANIA PREMIUM remain cloudy and clear at low storage temperatures.

Variants Packaging cooking oil SENIA

Here are some variants of packaging produced by cooking oil Senia:
SENIA Premium Cooking Oil1
1,Bottle: 500 ml, 1 liter, 2 liter, 5 liter
2.Pouch: 1 liter and 2 liter
3.Jerry cans: 5 liters and 18 liters

Cigarette Djarum Super

Cigarette Djarum SuperCigarette Djarum Super – Djarum Super is a famous cigarette brand in Indonesia, which was produced by PT Djarum and famous in Indonesia and Nigeria. So famous, people called by the name of filter cigarettes Djarum Super, although there are not branded Djarum Super. The most successful products of the company owned subsidiary Sudono Salim and Gallaher Group launched into the market since March 1, 1975 and the first time comes with the contents of 10, 12, and 16 rods (now 12, 16, and 20 stems). This product is sold in packs that apart, the two cigarettes wide, and ten cigarettes long. Meanwhile, his own cigarette rods rolled with white paper.

Only one month ten days after its release, May 31, 1975 to be exact, Djarum Super arguably achievement remarkable, in terms of large scale event‘s sponsor. Achievement that is until today makes products containing 12 sticks of Holy is famous.

In the 1990s, this cigarette is ranked third in the category of Cigarettes Filter under Dji Sam Soe Filter / Marlboro Kretek and Bentoel Blue and above Gudang Garam International and Wismilak Diplomat.

Variants Packaging Djarum Super

Here are some types of packaging of cigarettes Djarum Super:

Cigarette Djarum Super1

1.Djarum super 10
In this pack of cigarettes on the contents of each package are 10 sticks in each package.

2.Djarum super 12
In this pack of cigarettes on the contents of each package are 12 sticks in each pack.

3.Djarum Super 16
In this pack of cigarettes on the contents of each package are 16 rods in each package.

4.Djarum Super 20
In this pack of cigarettes on the contents of each package are 20 sticks in each pack.

5.Super MILD
This product is the latest variant of the Djarum Super. difference with the previous product is these cigarettes are labeled mild.

AQUA (Mineral Water)

AQUA (Mineral Water)AQUA (Mineral Water) – Aqua is a brand of bottled water (bottled water) produced by PT Aqua Golden Mississippi Tbk in Indonesia since 1973. Besides Indonesia, Aqua also sold in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Aqua is a brand of bottled water with the largest sales in Indonesia and is one of the most famous brands of bottled water in Indonesia, so it has become like a generic brand of bottled water. Currently, there are 14 factories producing Aqua with different ownership (3 factories owned by PT Tirta Investama, 10 factories owned by PT Aqua Golden Mississippi, and factories in Berastagi, North Sumatra owned by PT Tirta Sibayakindo).
Since 1998, Aqua has been owned by a multinational company in the field of food and beverages from France, Danone Group, the result of the merger of PT Aqua Golden Mississippi with Danone.
Aqua Group was founded by Tirto Utomo (1930-1994), a native of Wonosobo that after working out of Pertamina, and worked in Petronas, to establish a business of bottled water (bottled water).
Tirta made a large contribution to the development of a business or business of bottled water in Indonesia, because as a pioneer of the deceased managed to instill the values and perspectives of bottled drinking water business in Indonesia.

AQUA History

Aqua for today is the market leader in the field of competition of various mineral water product in Indonesia. Strong position due to factors Aqua mineral water as a product the first time present in Indonesia as well as promotional and marketing strategy that aggressively. Promotional method used is mainly through advertisements in print and electronic media, sponsoring various events, as well as the installation of billboards advertising widely.

In marketing, distribution group Aqua mineral water distribution network the largest in Indonesia, which penetrates almost to every corner of the island. The number of stock points (warehouse) more aggressively propagated since 2005, so as to provide a broader market penetration through the supply chain and delivery. Warehouse stock is placed in areas that have a lot of retail outlets, including traditional markets, so that each warehouse can serve each geographical area in the shortest time possible.

AQUA (Mineral Water)1

Variants Packaging AQUA

AQUA (Mineral Water)21. Plastic cups (plastic cup): 240ml
2.PET: 330ml, 600ml and 1500ml
3.Gallon: 19 liters
4.RGB (returnable glass bottle): 380ml

Closeup Diamond Attraction

Closeup Diamond Attraction1Closeup Diamond Attraction – Having white teeth become almost everyone‘s dream. White teeth, neat and clean is a symbol that the person is healthy and smart care for him so that it looks more attractive. In fact, based on research, smile with white teeth is able to increase the attractiveness of a person up to 20 percent.

Seeing the importance of clean white teeth look for most people, a brand of toothpaste closeup create toothpaste with special technology. Collaborate with expert cosmetic dentist, a brand aimed at young people Closeup Diamond Attraction released which can make teeth look whiter.
Closeup Diamond Attraction
Using Blue Light technology combined with optical science, brushing teeth using toothpaste is claimed will result in teeth look whiter from the first brush. In addition, the content of silica is also cleans the teeth from stains caused by the consumption of colored beverages such as coffee, tea or soda.
Blue Light Technology makes toothpaste foam becomes blue once rubbed on the teeth. After gargled, the blue color will coat the teeth. The blue foam layer acts as an optical filter that balances reflected light gear, so that light up to yellowish teeth will make your teeth look whiter. In group color palette, blue and yellow are the two colors that are opposite each other. Blue can hinder reflection yellow color, creating the effect of a white color.
Closeup Diamond Attraction will begin in February 2015 sold in supermarkets, hypermarkets are also mini markets throughout Indonesia.

Mizone Isotonic Drinks

Mizone Isotonic Drinks1Mizone Isotonic Drinks – Isotonic drinks are beverages that contain minerals and electrolytes that can replace ions in our body. Usually ions in our bodies is reduced if we do activities that drain excess fluid in the body. For example, when finished exercising. If not promptly replaced, it can result in a disruption in the body, especially the heart function.

However, under normal circumstances this drink does not work because the body already has enough electrolytes to metabolism. Therefore, drinks MIZONE comes with only isotonic drink nutritious, so when you do not dehydrate too, you still get the benefits of the nutrients contained in these drinks. Mizone is safe isotonic drinks consumed daily. Due to its content of substances that have been recognized as safe by BPOM.

Flavors MIZONE

Currently mizone comes with a variety of flavors, namely:

Mizone Isotonic Drinks1.Orange Lime
2.Passion Fruit
3.Lychee Lemon
4.Apple Guava
5.Mango Kweni

A mild cigarettes

A mild cigarettesA mild cigarettes – A Mild is a famous cigarette brand in Indonesia produced by PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. Cigarette brand was first shown in 1989. The products are sold in packs of 12 and 16 cigarettes.

Products manufactured in Surabaya is very famous for the slogan Go Ahead”, which intends to encourage smokers to be free to do anything without any doubts. Currently, Sampoerna A Mild ranked fourth in the list of 10 brands of cigarettes made in Philip Morris with the largest sales in the world.

A Mild to currently the market leader for Mild kretek cigarette sector in battleground between Mild cigarette filled by: Star Mild, X Mild, Mild Neo, Uno Mild, One Mild, Mild Club, Dunhill Fine Cut Mild (Bentoel Group), Clas Mild (Nojorono), LA Lights, Djarum Super Mild, Mild and Djarum BLACK (Djarum), Gudang Garam Surya Pro Mild Mild and GG (Gudang Garam), Galan Mild Mild and Diplomat (Wismilak Group), and Extreme Mild (Mahardika Dibya work). Strong position due to factors Mild Mild cigarettes which became the oldest in Indonesia as well as promotional and marketing strategy that aggressively. Promotion methods used by A Mild is by installing billboards, print ads, television commercials, activity below the line and above the line.

A mild product variants

Here are some variants of A mild product :

A mild cigarettes1

1. A mild 16
This product contains 16 cigarettes in each package. This variant was launched approximately in 1989 and this product contains 14 MG Nicotine and TAR 1.0.
2. A mild 12
The difference is with a mild dproduk 16 cigarettes only on the content present in each package. A mild 12 only contains 12 sticks in each package .sedangkan the nicotine content of the TAR and its still the same .The products launched approximately in 1998.
3. A mild menthol
This product is certainly different from the previous products because these products have a taste of mint / menthol .sedangkan for TAR and nicotine content maasih remains the same.

Clas Mild Cigarettes

Clas Mild CigarettesClas Mild Cigarettes – Clas Mild cigarette brand is produced by PT Nojorono Group, one of the five largest cigarette company in Indonesia. Only two years after its launch in 2003, this product contains 16 cigarettes continue racing and established himself as a product of filter cigarettes low tar and nicotine is the second best selling in Indonesia (under Sampoerna A Mild) until now.
Clas mild products manufactured in this Holy known for its fine flavor products, advertising slogan Talk Less, Do More, as well as an annual music event Clasoundsation.

History Clas Mild

PT Nojorono, who came to fame with Djinggo Minak product portfolio, responding to the rapid growth of low-tar low nicotine market by introducing the mix itself in 2003.At that time, the market has been flooded with filter cigarettes products labeled Mild”, such as A Mild, Mild Bentoel, Star Mild , and LA Lights, with the development of the slowly growing. Despite allegations Nojorono Management, the market instantly absorbs Clas Mild products. In just two years, Clas Mild straight ranked second in the category Mild” in mid-2005, beyond LA Lights and Star Mild. This achievement brings Nojorono become one of the five key players in the Indonesian cigarette industry, followed HM Sampoerna (Philip Morris International), Gudang Garam), Djarum, Bentoel Group (British American Tobacco), and Wismilak Group

Product Variants Clas Mild

The following are some of the clas mild product variants:

1. Clas Mild 16
This product contains 16 cigarettes in each package. This variant was launched approximately in 2013 and this product contains 14 MG MG Nicotine TAR and 1.0.

Clas Mild Cigarettes3

2. Clas Mild 12
This diproduk difference with Clas Mild cigarettes only on the content present in each package. classes mild 12 only contains 12 sticks in each package. while in the womb TAR and its still the same Nicotine .The products launched approximately in 2006.

Clas Mild Cigarettes2

3. Clas Mild Menthol
Aproduct that is certainly different from the previous products because these products have a taste of mint / menthol. whereas for TAR and nicotine content remains the same.

Clas Mild Cigarettes1